Helping Starseeds and Lightworkers to
Elevate and Awaken   withLove and  Light.


 Ju​lianna Quijano​​ 

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** This prayer is for everyone! Please share with all your loved ones, family and friends. Bring in the high vibration of Source energy.  

High Vibrational Prayer

Oh Great Spirit, Source of all creation,

I call out to you to guide me along my journeys in this universe.

Please help me let go of all my fears and show me ways to live with courage and full abundance of love, joy, and peace.

Forgive me for not fully awakening to the divine spark within for I am still remembering how to be the light.

Allow me to be that radiant being and to express the love I feel deep in my heart and soul.

Help my body, mind and spirit align with the higher realms of my consciousness to vibrate the energies of oneness.

Assist my being in my Earthly walk to connect to all of Gaia's beauty in a sacred way. 

Oh Great Spirit, Source of all creation,

I am grateful for all my experiences and for the opportunity to assist

as the universe allows.

I love you

Thank You

​And so it is. 

​1 Hour Distant Healing or Private (local) Session

*For more information and details please visit the contact page of this website. 

The consciousness of love is in all creation.

I provide assistance with healing, reprogramming, energy transformation, spiritual coaching, journeying, holistic movement therapy, space clearing, and other profound awakenings to all walks of life.  All sessions are unique and divinely inspired infusions of my metaphysical and therapeutic training organically structured to provide the greatest shift and highest connection to spirit.  I have extensive background in many styles of yoga, dance and Pilates which I incorporate into each healing session to release the body and mind of limitations.  Having access to various movement modalities allows individuals to awaken the senses and provides deeper transformation.  I offer privates, group sessions, workshops, energy clearings, and sacred space orientation for your home or office, helping in crossing over, distant healings, and mindful meditation for kids and adults.

I do extensive physical, mental and spiritual preparation for all my sessions  and workshops  to honor and respect spirit, the transmutation process and the shifting energies.  Most private and distant healing sessions last about an hour , group sessions are usually two hours, and workshops can vary.