Helping Starseeds and Lightworkers to
Elevate and Awaken   withLove and  Light.

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6th Sense AromaEnergy 

Body Mist


This unique aroma energy spray is mixed with a delicate blend of water,

essential oils and energy.  It can have amazingly transformative effects on

your body, mind and spirit by raising your vibration to higher frequencies.  

Mist around your body and observe the subtle changes:  positive thoughts , 

elevated feelings, clarity and lightness.  

Thanks to Dr. Emoto and his scientific discoveries with water we can now prove that the molecular structure of water is affected by our consciousness.  Its vibration can either be a detriment or a blessing.   Much in the same way and with great intentions I work with the ingredients to formulate a high frequency  healing spray.  Each bottle is personally blessed and programmed to align with the energy signatures of creation:  love, peace, abundance, harmony and joy which have greater resonance in the body and naturally raise your vibrations and consciousness. 

How it works:

As it is sprayed the particles of oil and water enter your energetic field through the receptors on the skin and travel up to the brain from the olefactory senses, the nose, thereby creating an alchemical reaction.  The effect is subtle yet extremely potent and is a special product to add to everyone's life.

*Note: This product is to enhance your life and is not intended to make medical claims or replace any medications or forms of medical treatment. 



 Ju​lianna Quijano​​ 


"I have been using Julianna's aromatherapy spray and healing energy for the past year.  She personalizes my spray specifically for my needs each time.  Every bottle has a distinctly different aroma, enhancing my connection with Spirit. 

The spray is a refuge from the stress of daily life,calming and grounding me continually reminding me that I am so much more than what I see in the mirror."

- Philly T. (Puran Kaur)

1 Oz. Plastic Body Mist

Available Formulas:

  • Smudge Spray:   Cleanse, clear and purify energy in and around you, your home, office or other spaces. 
  • Energy Tune Up Spray:   Designed to help balance, clear and realign your energies for better health. 

4 Oz. Glass Body Mist