Helping Starseeds and Lightworkers to
Elevate and Awaken   withLove and  Light.


 Ju​lianna Quijano​​ 

About Julianna

Julianna Quijano is a Starseed and Lightworker who has incarnated at this time on

Earth to assist in awakening consciousness and ascension .  Her intention is to raise the

vibration and frequency of all consciousness on this planet spreading love and light in its

purest form.  It is her passion and calling to help others remember and rediscover their divine

self by sharing the wisdom and truth she gathered over several years of her own awakening. 

Julianna has extensive knowledge, education and experience with metaphysical and spiritual modalities such as Reiki, Shaminism, Quantum energies, Angel DNA reprogramming and channeling, Native American practices, instrumental sound healing, vocal toning and meditation. She works with all realms of divine spirit as intuitively guided to help individuals access their inner wisdom and set them on their life path.  She also works with various types of holistic movement such as dance, yoga, Pilates, and free form movement which assist in connecting mind, body and spirit balancing the energy centers or chakras.  Her sessions and workshops combine all her talents in unique ways to create powerful shifts that can transform all matter, spirit and soul.  Julianna connects directly with creator Source, angelic realms, ascended masters, elementals, star families, cetaceans and beyond to provide deep internal healing of core issues.  "When the body meets the mind and the mind connects with spirit life can then align in the most profound ways transcending beyond time and space."

She works with energy and matter in very raw organic ways to allow individuals to uncover their divine truth without any set agenda or structure which can sometimes inhibit one from completely letting go of old beliefs and patterns and experiencing oneness.

Her purpose is to reawaken the hearts and minds of all beings to unconditional love and abundance thereby returning consciousness to a place of peace and harmony.  "If we completely open our hearts to spirit, move out of the way, and trust the process we can make clearer connections with higher realms and receive more powerful messages that will help us in our evolution on this planet.  

Love and light to all. "

My Mission

Assist in ascension and awakening process by raising the vibration of
all consciousness.  

My Pledge

I am grateful to be here to help empower soul s and awaken the divine truth within.