•       Reprogramming -   Transforming the cellular structure and DNA and                                              creating a  shift by removing, reprogramming, and healing                                                limiting beliefs and behaviors through several generations .
  •      Divine Consciousness -  Assisting individuals in awakening their divine truth                                                           by letting go of old memories, programs and data                                                                buried deep within the subconscious. 
  • ​       Forgiveness -  Teaching simple ways to forgive, let go of the suffering and                                               trauma and let the Divine come back into the heart.
  •     Chakras & Auras -   Heal, clear, and align, the energetic fields and centers 
  • to harmonize with  higher vibrations.
  •      Reiki  -  Working with Usui technique to assist in the process                                                           of healing.
  •      Shamanism -  Using powerful techniques to take individuals along guided                                                  journeys .
  •     Channeling -  As spirit allows I am gifted the experience of channeling messages                                 from various sources during meditation or healing​.
  •     Yoga -  Incorporating gentle yoga postures from different disciplines                                            such as: Kundalini, Hatha, Yin yoga, Raja to enhance the therapeutic                             experience.
  •     Dance -   Using dance in many creative ways to free up energy and physicality.
  • ​    Pilates -  Strengthening and stretching in both classical and contemporary                                 techniques to provide core stability.
  •    Sound Healing -  Balancing harmonics in the body and deepening the                                                         experience with the use of singing bowls, chimes, drum,  rattles,  didgeridoo, and vocal toning .
  •    Meditation -  Teaching various techniques for inner awareness, deep breathing, focus  and concentration at all levels.
  •    Spiritual Life Coaching -  Providing guidance to individuals seeking support,                                                              empowerment and transformation in all aspects of  life. 
  •    Space Clearing -   Cleaning out homes, offices and other spaces of                                                                   negative energies, entities, and  lifeforms.
  •    Meditation Room Design -  Creating peaceful, sacred meditation spaces for                                                           the home or office incorporating Feng Shui/Vastu                techniques, healing and more. 
  •    Daily Mindfulness for Kids & Adults -  Providing individuals ages 8-                                                                                            80+ with practical ways to find                                                                  happiness, peace, and connection to spirit.

Skills and Techniques


"Julianna thanks for all that you are and that you do for me.  Everytime I have a session with you my soul heals and gets stronger.  I find your wisdom and energy to be one of a kind with lots of love and light.  You came as a gift from a friend and I am forever grateful.  Carpe Diem!!    I'm sure you will continue to reach more souls because this is what we need in this universe, we all need to find love and light and when we find it then we must share it. Please keep shining. Thanks.

​- Joydma Alamo

"Julianna is truly an amazing individual and teacher.  We have been working together for about tow years now and what a difference I have found in myself.  I have enjoyed our meditations, yoga and energy work.  I how have an awareness of many of my negative thought patterns and the tools needed for their release.  I have learned to go inside and listen to my inner voice.  I am aware of my body and what it is telling me .  I appreciate and have gratitude for the little things in life.  Everytime we meet, Julianna opens me to new possibilities of consciousness.  I feel truly blessed to have Julianna's guidance on my spiritual journey. 

​- Linda Gill

"Julianna is an extremely talented and gifted healer and teacher.  Her connection to nature and spirit is both deep and inspiring.  Each session, workshop, and nature journey with her has been incredibly uplifting and filled with pure love and light.  She has helped me bring to the surface and heal many lower vibrational subconscious belief patterns that I held and wasn't even aware of.  Her healing and teaching style is one in which she helps you to realize your own potential, infinite nature, and blueprint of perfect health so that you can then shift your perceptions and tap into your own wisdom.  The healing occurs naturally as a result.  I am eternally grateful for Julianna and all our sessions we've shared together.  Her work has been a huge catalyst for me along my path and I highly recommend her work to anyone who is ready and feeling called."

- Kristin Hink  (Sat Kirtin Kaur)

 Ju​lianna Quijano​​ 

"Julianna has been an incredibly helpful teacher in my life.  Her knowledge has helped me discover and clear many hidden feelings of non love and guilt that I was not consciously aware of.  She has graciously guided me to release these feelings in the most loving way.  Specific sessions with the intentions of forgiveness have opened my heart creating a space to release many non loving feelings that held me back from freeing my spirit.  The deep connection with nature she transmits in her sessions has taken me on journeys never imaginable.  Thank you Julianna for helping my heart be light and shine bright!

-Maria Ramirez

"My name is Miriam Mares and I am currently taking healing sessions with Ms. Julianna.  For me these sessions have helped me open to spirituality in ways that I felt I had but did not know what they meant.  These sessions have helped me grow and overcome fears that I have had in my current life and past lives.  Ms. Julianna has helped me open my channels to Divinity for the greater good of my mission in this life.  I am learning how to heal myself with tools and guidance she has provided for me.  I learned how to calm my soul and steer ahead with a clear vision.  I am totally a different person now and one of the people I owe that to is Ms. Julianna for all her knowledge and wisdom she shares with me. Thank you thank you thank you.

​- Miriam Mares 


 Helping Starseeds and Lightworkers to
Elevate and Awaken   withLove and  Light.

"I have been very fortunate to work with Julianna for the past two years.  She has helped me learn to compensate and correct my scoliosis and balance issues that directly affect my performance in my chosen sport and hobby, ballroom dancing. 

My classes are specifically geared to my body's needs. This past year has been particularly challenging because of the many health problems I have experienced. Julianna has taught me the benefits of meditation and deep breathing and guides me along the path of recovery. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my yoga and meditation instructor. 

-Dolores Hesse Fink