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Elevate and Awaken   withLove and  Light.

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 Ju​lianna Quijano​​ 

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What are you seeking in life and what greater wisdom would awaken your higher consciousness and put you on your Starseed or Lightworker path with great purpose?  Perhaps it's love, joy, abundance, or simply a peaceful spirit.  Many of us in this world are on a quest for the answers to these life altering questions but we tend to look outside of ourselves when actually the answers stem from within.  It is from within that we see all that we are and all that is.  It is from within that we discover who we are and why we are here.  It is from within that we exist and sometimes are not even aware of it. I believe in the empowerment to journey deep into the heart , to give forgiveness and heal, and discover the true essence of divine love.  It can be complicated and challenges may arise along this spirit walk but it provides an opportunity for the internal being to step forward into the light.  It is then that you gain insight into what is real and your purpose becomes visible. So gather all courage and venture down the paths that open all the possibilities of You .

Get ready to awaken and discover your divine purpose!

*Seasonal Tip*

Take time to Clean out the cobwebs ​inside your soul and renew your spirit. Be happy and grateful for your life. Love passionately and truthfully. Enjoy Earth and all her wonderful goddess energies and gifts. Align with Source energy and internal joy everyday.

We truly live on a beautiful planet and it's overflowing with powerful messages of wisdom and love. Embedded within every natural landscape is a library of magic, mystery and healing that more